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Latest News


I am going to leave newgrounds. 

Newgrounds for me was a user friendly community with great movies and games and amazing up and comming musicians. I join here mainly for the music and as my IRL friend Lashmush put it: a good place to get feedback on your music. I solely joined here for that reason. And to contribute as much as possible to other musicians. 

I wanted to see if I had what it takes. If my mixes were good enough, if my music was good enough etc.

Now a days it doesn't seem like people review stuff anymore. They just spread their own stuff and don't care at all about other peoples hard work. They "zerobomb" the competition to get ahead. Not just my music, but amazing music. People who go the extra mile while recording and doesn't use preset 1 in ez drummer. But people who actually create and make an entire sound of their own. 

I can't blame anyone. I haven't been active myself for years. Not really. I used to stay up all night just to read the reviews patiently sitting and waiting. Your reviews were like drugs. I loved them. They made me able to tackle real life in your face critisism. Now a days I feel like I'm back to were I started. I had surgery on my right hand which made me go back a couple of years in my guitar technique. I wanted to show you guys my music so bad. But between my hand and all, a real drought of inspiration struck. I haven't had a single good idea for a long while.

I traced the problem back to my former band Strykjärn. And since I left I've felt more inspired than ever.

I'm going to continue to make music. Just, not here. I'm gona put all my energy on youtube instead. They really don't review like you guys did here. But atleast you get some feedback. I used to get 100:s of reviews here. Now a days I'm super happy if I get 1. 

I'm not bitter. But I just feel like I don't really gain anything from putting up my music here for free anymore.

It doesn't add to my growth anymore like it used to.

I want to thank everyone who has helped spread my music across the globe and back and helped me grow as a musician and as a person. I've met some amazing friends here. That I'll still keep in touch with and juggle ideas with. And I'll continue to help out people with their ideas and sounds as much as I feel like I can handle.

Work now a days is tough, almost to tough. I can actually see the wall people have talked about hitting.

I'm down, but I will get back up. I just need to prioritize the right things. I'm gona start working harder than ever on my music. And you will notice a HUGE difference in both sound and feel. I hope you will continue to follow me.

Feel free to hit me up anytime on youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/Exponerad

Or Email me at mr.dimoria@gmail.com

Take care and live well and prosper.