Strike of luck ?

2009-09-06 17:34:49 by Dimoria

Guess not.
First my powersupply goes to hell. Bought a new one for 84 $ .
Then my fucking loundry machine goes to god . gona cost me like 440 $ to get a new one.
And well , when I install my powersupply , my computer doesn't recognize my old IDE harddrive anymore. Which I have all my music programs , all songs that I've ever made , all pictures taken from 5 years back and all my music for listening.
And today my Cubase SX crashed and I can't get it to work...
And I'm flat broke.
What a glorious start of the month.
Don't you think ?


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2009-09-06 17:37:11

oj det suger -.- mudkips ? do you like them ?

Dimoria responds:

I FUCKING HATE MUDKIPS (smashes a mudkip to a hot iron = ) ;D
Suger jämt lite ja...


2009-09-14 17:31:51

Dude that sucks. btw Your music is fabulous. idk if you remember me but I used to post on your stuff all the time as theFearX

Dimoria responds:

Course I remember you :)


2009-09-20 14:00:15

Fuck man! The sucks!

Dimoria responds:

True dat.


2010-06-21 07:14:22

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